The Display

Corinne in her Pitts SpecialHow Long is the Display?

The duration of the display can be tailored to suit your individual requirements. It can last as long as 13 minutes or as little as five.The complexity of the display may be affected by the surroundings, and this is surveyed prior to confirmation of booking.

Can We have a Display Anywhere?

There are some sites which are simply not suitable, perhaps due to being in a built up area, around high ground, or simply in a place without a good view of the open sky.

And What does it Consist of?

The display itself will be a dramatic combination of rolls and pirouettes, gymnastic manoeuvres and aerial ballet; all combined with a white trail of smoke to highlight the spectacle. You will be thrilled and amazed by the skill and daring expertise of your show pilot.

You don’t have to go to an airshow to see the TwirlyBatic show, we can bring it exclusively to your event. Displays available for (but not limited to) the following occasions:

Weddings, Celebrations, Parties, Retirements, Corporate Events,  Fetes, Regattas, Country Shows, Festivals, Open Days and much more…

Just contact us through this site with your own ideas and we will discuss the best package for you based upon your own wishes.

What does it cost?

The cost varies a great deal according to distance from base in Cornwall. So South West displays will be a lot more affordable that one in Yorkshire, simply due to the transit. Some displayed require payment of a hefty £374 to the Civil Aviation Authority for the privilege, but ball park figures would be somewhere in the region of £500 – £1200 depending on those two factors.  Just fill out our enquiry form for a no-strings-attached quote.

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