The Aeroplane

Corinne in her Pitts Special
Pitts Special S-1S G-TWRL. Single seat, single engine aerobatic bi-plane. His name is Tarquin, and he first flew on 22nd August 2016.

Technical details

EngineLycoming AEIO 360 A4K 180hp
(rebuilt and zero timed by Richard von Isenberg at Southend)
PropellorMetal Sensenich 76EM8-0-61
Gross weight1,150 lbs
Empty weight866 lbs
Useful load300 lbs
Fuel capacity120 lbs, 75 litres, 20 USG
Oil capacity15 lbs, 8 quarts
Length15 feet 6 inches
Wing span17 feet 4 inches
Wing area98.5 square feet
Top speed176 mph
Max cruise speed155 mph
Stall speed62 mph
Rate of climb2,600 feet per minute
Rate of roll180 degrees pers second
Range300 miles

Corinne started building the Pitts in June of 2009. This is a ‘plans built’ aircraft, not a kit.  The varied nature of the build involved learning a wide variety of new skills, including metal work, woodwork, GRP, fabric covering, plumbing, electrics, and finally spray painting. After seven years of (very part time) work (and two relocations!), under the expert guidance of Rob Millinship, the maiden flight took place on 22nd August 2016. Corinne then did the required minimum of five hours test flying during which this aircraft behaved impeccably. Since then Corinne has concentrated on developing a beautiful and highly entertaining display of aerial ballet including a smoke trail.

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